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Does the Bible teach that miracles occur today? – By Bob Prichard

To answer this question, we must consider the real issue. There is no question that Christ and His apostles performed miracles, because the Bible clearly says that they did. There is also no question whether God is powerful enough to perform miracles, because we know that He has infinite power. It is also not a question of whether there is value in prayer for the sick, because the Bible tells us to pray for the sick. The question is not one of what we think we have seen, but what does the Bible teach about miracles today? Continue reading

Miracles, By Carl Garner (part 2)


The fact that the main purpose of signs and mighty works was to confirm the word of faithful preachers did not preclude their accomplishing other ends.

Revealed the mind/will of God

God’s truth was taught by faithful men and women in the first century. Truth did not come forth from their own minds; it was revealed to them by means of inspiration, prophecy, etc. Continue reading

MIRACLES, By Carl Garner (part 1)

It is well documented in the New Testament that Jesus and His apostles performed many “signs and wonders.” Similar mighty works are found in Old Testament times also. In addition to others, Moses convinced Pharaoh of Jehovah’s authority over him and defeated his army, and also parted the waters of the Red Sea. Continue reading

Sick to the point of death, by Rick Laing

We have all been at the bedside of a loved one who is a Christian, and the thought has crossed our mind about why God allowed such to happen. Perhaps we think sometimes we are the only ones to suffer and we may even put it down to our lack of faith or a result of personal sin. There are many difficult questions in this regard, but what if I could show you a hard working faithful Christian who was highly commended in the Bible who was really ill? I can. Continue reading


A beginning point in understanding the subject at hand is to define “miracles.” Noted charismatic Pat Boone defined a miracle on the PTL Club as the sun rising or “when I get up in the morning and put on my pants.” To try to convince someone who defines miracles in this manner that “miracles have ceased” is a complete waste of time. Has the sun ceased to rise? Do I not have my pants on? If so, then miracles have not ceased. However, a responsible treatment of the topic cannot accept this type of definition for miracles. Continue reading