We’re All Sinners”, Bill Jackson

It is in the last ten years or so that we have been hearing more and more of the brethren speak of “our being sinners” just as those in sectarianism are sinners. But, the point being made, as has been demonstrated over and over again, is that we have no right to call anything error, no right to identify one as a false teacher, no right to point to any corruption of God’s order, because “we are sinners, and they are sinners, and sinners should not sit in judgment upon other sinners.” That very philosophy is right out of denominationalism, where all agreed that anything goes, and “none of us will criticize the other.” Continue reading “We’re All Sinners”, Bill Jackson”

Suffering For Forgiven Sins, Mel Martin

Forgiveness is not a denial of a deed, but a removing of the penalty of sin. At the risk of oversimplification, let us clarify this point. When a person is forgiven, it is not the case that his past actions really never occurred. They did occur. Furthermore, the sins in which we once participated may have lasting consequences. Continue reading “Suffering For Forgiven Sins, Mel Martin”


The following appeared in Ann Lander’s column in the November 3, 1995

addition of the Flint Journal. Ann listed it under the heading, “You Can Bank On It.”

Imagine you had a bank that each morning credited your account with

$1,440 – with one condition: whatever part of the $1,440 you failed to use

during the day would be erased from your account, and no balance would

be carried over. Continue reading “YOU CAN BANK ON IT, Mark Aites”