Does The Bible Contain The Word of God Or Is It Yhe Word of God? – Garland Robinson

People often talk about the Bible containing the Word of God. This is true in one sense, the Word of God is found in the Bible. However, this statement does not go far enough! To simply say that the Bible “contains the Word of God” does not exclude the Bible from containing something other than God’s Word. Continue reading


Five Things God Does Not Do

“If the God of heaven truly is all-powerful, then He can do anything. Didn’t Jesus say that with God all things are possible?” The truth is, the Bible describes the God of heaven as “the Lord Almighty” (II Corinthians 6:18). And, yes, Jesus did proclaim that in the matter of being saved, “with God all things are possible”(Matthew 19:26). But,there are some things that God does not do because they are against His nature. There are yet other actions that He does not take because they are not in mankind’s best interest. What are some things that God does not do? Continue reading

As Long As One Is Sincere, Does It Matter What One Believes?, By Garland Robinson

Sincerity is certainly essential in pleasing God; but, it by no means is the only thing necessary in being pleasing to God. Scores of people are sincere in their religious belief and practice but are not saved. Could you be one of them?         The Hindu is sincere, the Moslem is sincere, so are the followers of Buddhism and Judaism, but, not a one of them are saved in these beliefs. Continue reading