Three Gardens and Three Trees

What’s the Bible all about? What’s its major theme? If you were to write a Cliff Notes on the Bible, and be as brief as possible, what would you say about it?

Well, at least one concise way to sum up the story of the Bible requires only five words. They are: Three Gardens and Three Trees. Continue reading

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Just Waiting

A family was fishing at the pier.

Dad was watching bobbers while his two sons, ages twelve and three, were down playing along the dock.

The older boy was watching his brother, but he got distracted. Three-year-old Billy thought that would be a good time to see if he could reach the bottom. Continue reading

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No Charge

Our little boy came up to his mother and handed her a piece of paper. After his mom dried her hands on an apron, she read the following:

  • For cutting the grass: $5.00
  • For cleaning up my room: $1.00
  • For going to the store for you: $.50
  • Baby­sitting my kid brother: $.25

Continue reading

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