Help From Unexpected Sources

In 1803, Thomas Jefferson commissioned Lewis and Clark to lead an expedition across an unexplored America to the Pacific coast, but it might have failed without help from unexpected sources. The expedition was called “Corps of Discovery” and it lived up to its name. It cataloged three hundred new species, identified nearly fifty Indian tribes, and traversed terrain that had never been seen by Europeans. Continue reading “Help From Unexpected Sources”

Finding The Pearl Of Great Price

Jesus said the kingdom is like a man who found a priceless pearl (Matthew 13:45–46). The kingdom is the church, so finding the right church is equivalent to finding great treasure—eternal treasure. You can identify it by the following traits: Continue reading “Finding The Pearl Of Great Price”

Theistic Evolution By Ron Boatwright

Theistic evolution is a contradictory system of belief where one attempts to believe in God and at the same time attempts to believe in atheistic evolution.  This is a vain attempt to try to straddle the fence.  Theistic evolution is an attempt to have the long ages necessary to accommodate atheistic evolution to take place while at the same time allowing God to “mysteriously” extend His creation over 4.6 billion years. Continue reading “Theistic Evolution By Ron Boatwright”