“Oh My God” – a terrible abuse of God’s Holy Name by Leon Brashear

How often do you hear someone say, “Oh My God”?  You may hear this at work, at school, while in the grocery store and you may even say it yourself.  Television is one place that you hear this often.  It may be on a game show, home improvement show and I suppose about any other type of program.

“Oh My God” has become a very common saying. Probably some cannot imagine why it is so wrong to use this statement.  In the Bible we find that men and women held the name of God in reverence and deep respect.  Can you imagine any of the great Patriarchs of old (Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob etc.) referring to God in such a loose and irreverent manner?  God is to be reverenced (Heb. 12:28).  “Oh My God!” or substitute expressions such as “Goodness!” or ”Good Gracious!” or “Gee!” or “Gosh!” or “Golly!” are wrong.  They are simply weak attempts to disguise the reference one is making to God.  (Please look up these euphemisms in the dictionary along with “Gad, Egad, Good Grief, My Lordy, Darn, Dickens etc.) Remember, our speech reflects our character and attitude (Mt. 12:34-35). Let us determine not to be guilty of showing such low regard for the God of Heaven (Eph. 4:29). Please click on the following link for articles about the name of God.



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