Gilding – (Meaning Of Words In The Songs We Sing)

In the song, Give Me The Bible we find the word gilding in verse three.  The phrase it is used in reads, “Show me the glory gilding Jordan’s wave”. 
The word gilding refers to applying a thin gold leaf or layer to a surface. 

(Google Images)

We know that Israel crossed the Jordan to enter the Promised Land.  For us Jordan is a figure of death; of passing from this life into eternity.  For the faithful child of God death should hold no fear.  It is the doorway into Paradise and eventually Heaven, the eternal home of the soul.  The song teaches us the value of death!  It is a wonderful experience for those who are prepared (Ps. 116:15).    By the eye of faith we can see the golden shores of death which beckons us to eternal life with God in heaven.

Leon Brashear

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