An Example Of Using The Material Of Others

I would like to provide an example of how I took an article and reworked it for a sermon outline.  The article was written by Mike Riley.   I reworked the outline and put it on PowerPoint.  Click below to see Mike’s article and to see the PowerPoint (in PDF). 

This PowerPoint presentation has pictures on each major point.  I don’t do this for every sermon because some lessons will not work as well with pictures.  The idea for this came from Michael Hite in a series of lessons produced by World Video Bible School  entitled Creating Effective Presentations.  I would also recommend Building More Effective Church Websites and Permission Evangelism by Michael Hite and available from WVBS.

Seven Red Flag Signals Of Possible Apostasy – Mike Riley’s article

APOSTASY_-_Red_flag_signals_of_possible_apostasy_adapted_for_website  PowerPoint outline

I did not use all of the points from the article.  They may well be used in a future sermon.  Let me say that once the PowerPoint  is finished  there is still a lot of study to be done.   The PowerPoint contains the primary verses related to each point in the sermon.  Other verses are also used in the lesson as well as illustrations.

Leon Brashear

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