Books by Robert R. Taylor, Jr.

Robert has been preaching for some 60 years.  He brings a wealth of Bible study and Bible knowledge to his written work.  I recommend his books to all.  Let me give you a few reasons why.

1. He follows the King James Version of the Bible.

 2. He has a unique style of writing which I would describe as true to the Word, concise, plain, easily understood etc.  You can see in his work his love for the Lord, for the church, for his brethren and for precious souls lost in sin.

 3. They are written for Bible class use as well as for personal study.

 4. He has a variety of works dealing with books of the Bible as well as topical studies.

 5. They are written so that preachers can easily outline them for sermons.  You will find a lot of material in his topical books which can easily be used for a series of lessons.  The works on books of the Bible are very beneficial for expository preaching as well as personal study. 

 Much more could be said about his work and labor of love in spreading the gospel.

 His books do not take the place of the Bible but are intended to lead us to better understand God’s precious word. 

 Personally I have used his books over the years in the preparation of sermons, Bible articles, etc.

Click on the following link to see a sermon I have on PowerPoint from one of his books.  I probably used this material before with a flannel graph or overhead projector outline but reworked it for PowerPoint.  It is chapter three from his book CHRIST IN THE HOME.  The title of the chapter is Needs of Today’s Homes which title I also used in the outline. (Please understand that this is a brief outline for the PowerPoint and is simply a skeleton outline of the actual sermon.)

 Needs of Todays Homes

Leon Brashear

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