What godly parent would not want to ensure that

his or her children would become faithful, New

Testament Christians? Aside from that parent’s

own faithfulness, they should have no greater desire. Ultimately,

every person has to decide for himself/herself

whether or not to serve God, but there are some sure things

that will help your children to make the right choice.

First, and perhaps most importantly, you must become

and remain a faithful servant of the Lord. It doesn’t matter

if you desire more than anything else for your child to be a

Christian, they need to see that it is important to you. In my

observation, it has often been the “little” things that end up

making the difference. It only takes a handful of instances

where you place worldly things above spiritual things for

your kids to pick up on your lack of spiritual priority. In the

majority of situations where I’ve seen Christian parents

fail to convince their children to obey the gospel, the parents

simply allowed their children to miss church meetings

and spiritual activities for “important” things like

homework and extracurricular activities, etc. Let there

be no question in the minds of your children as to where

your first priority lies.

Second, it is of necessity that there be daily reinforcement

of Christian values in your home. The first Christians

realized this as they continued daily with one another in the

service of Christ (Acts 2:46). The Bereans were described

as noble because they searched the scriptures daily (Acts

5:42). The Hebrew writer noted the importance of exhorting

one another daily to remain faithful (Heb. 3:13). In the

home is the only place where youth can receive daily affirmation

of the will of God. Study with your family, encourage

faithful church attendance, and show your children the

value of service. Make spiritual encouragement and growth

a daily occurrence in your home. Your family will be eternally

grateful, and you will be able to declare as John did,

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children

walk in truth” (3 John 4).


Christian Worker August 2009

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