Lack of Desire by: A. C. Quinn

Paul expresses, in simple terms, the meaning of the term “desire” in his letter to the Romans: “Brethren, my hearts desire and prayer to God for Israel is, that they might be saved” (Romans 10:1). The salvation of his Jewish countrymen was his most ardent wish. He really wanted to see them saved. He had a longing–an insatiable craving for that outcome, and his works throughout his life attest to that desire.

The Lord’s church suffers immensely today for lack of desire in those who should be the stalwarts in the faith. For instance, it is not a matter of not having qualified men to serve the church as elders. It is a matter of men not having the desire, which is a qualification in itself (I Tim. 3:1). . Too many men just don’t want to serve.

The same is applicable to teaching and preaching. Capable people just don’t want to do it. They don’t have the desire (I Pet. 2:2). Failure to give, attend services, and all the other things that Christians should do have the same underlying problem–a lack of desire. To the contrary, God’s people are to be peculiar and zealous of good works (Titus 2:14).  A lack of desire kills initiative for all future growth of the church and her mission (Mark 1:15-16).

A. C. Quinn preaches for the Celeste Church of Christ
in Celeste, Texas.

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