It Doesn’t Take Much Room, Mile Riley


While preparing for a long trip, a traveler said to his friend: “I am just about packed. I only have to put in a guidebook, a lamp, a mirror, a microscope, a telescope, a volume of fine poetry, a few biographies, a package of old letters, a book of songs, a sword, a hammer, and a set of books I have been studying.”

The friend replied, “Why, you can’t get all of those items into that bag.”

“Oh, yes I can,” replied the traveler. “It doesn’t take much room.”

Then he placed his Bible in the bottom corner of the suitcase and closed the lid.

Brethren and friends, there’s always plenty of room for a Bible in our suitcase. As we take various journeys along life’s way, let’s be sure to not only carry our Bible, but to open it (Nehemiah 8:5) and meditate upon its contents (Psalm 1:1-2).

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