Lessons Learned in Hades (Luke 16:19-31)

If the dead could communicate with the living, what might they say?

They could tell us nothing we are not told in the scripture. Even those who died and were brought to life again did not tell the living anything about the place of the dead. If they remembered anything God would apparently not allow them to tell it.

The two men who died and went to hades, in the story Jesus told (Luke 16), represent two classes or categories of people. The rich man represents those who are not faithful to God. The beggar Lazarus represents righteous persons who are faithful to God.

We are suggesting ten lessons the story teaches. Each of them is found in other parts of the scripture as well.
1. Death is no respecter of persons.
2. Death separates one from the physical world but does not end one’s existence.
3. The doctrine of universal salvation is not true.
4. Life in the body determines the nature of life after death.
5. A child of God can fall from grace.
6. There is no second chance for salvation after death.
7. The only way to salvation is by hearing and obeying the word of God.
8. The living may come to death unprepared, but the dead can do nothing to warn them.
9. Nothing can alter the prospects of the dead.
10. Hades is not eternal.

– via The Encourager, the weekly bulletin for the Dongola church of Christ, Dongola, IL

__________________________via Bulletin Gold

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