The Long Lost Book

Josiah, king of Judah, ordered his men into the run-down part of town to see what could be done in rebuilding the weakened faith of his nation. As his search party wound through the dark slums of Jerusalem they came to an old, weather-beaten house it must have been impossible to imagine that many generations ago this building was the pride of Israel. Now it was a dirty, neglected, empty old building on verge of being condemned.
As they rummaged through the old Temple of Solomon someone may have literally stumbled onto an amazing discovery. What first appeared to be an old record book turned out to be the Hebrew Scriptures. No doubt these men had heard stories about such a book but, since the nation had neglected
everything religious for years, they had never actually seen a copy of God’s Word.
Young Josiah was anxious to study the contents of this ancient document. As he did he came to understand that, despite its great age, this book was remarkably relevant. Not only did it contain a detailed history of God’s people, it also prescribed how God desired His people to live and worship. This book gave Josiah new insight into the Temple’s
importance, how it should look, who is permitted to serve within it, and the kind of life God wanted His people to live. Immediately Josiah set out to restore the pattern therein revealed, God was pleased with the revival spirit of Josiah (2 Kings 22:18-20).
God’s Word is the only dependable foundation upon which to build our lives. God’s inspired history teaches us that the pattern neglected today will be forgotten tomorrow.

David Bragg

Via Bulletin Gold
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