WAKE UP BROTHER , Written By: Mack Lyon

From what I am reading —and hearing and seeing in the media, Christianity may soon be facing the period of its severest confrontation and its biggest challenge for survival since the Roman persecutions in the first and second centuries.

Dear reader, I hope by that statement I have not given you a reason to think of me as an alarmist, harmfully creating an atmosphere of needless fear. No one will be happier than I if I am proven wrong about that. It is not my purpose to frighten, but awaken our beloved brotherhood! For I believe the gospel message in the hearts of the people is our only hope of continued freedom to practice our faith in the good old USA.

The church Jesus built, the one you read about in your New Testament was designed to be always and everywhere in constant confrontation with the wisdom and the ways of the world (1 Cor. 1:20-25). The idea was not to be converted to the culture, but to convert the worldly culture to belief in and acceptance of God.

But today too many of us seem to be making peace with the ungodly world. Even many of the known to be conservative churches have not only modified their worship styles and moral standards, but their message too, to conform to the world’s demands. It seems the idea is for the church not to confront the contemporary evil culture, but to seek its acceptance and approval.

Too many others have decided to remain neutral; to just sit this fight out. Still others are saying what a young preacher said to me recently, “You’re concerned about something with no cause! God is still in control of this world, so everything is going to be alright.” Yes! My friend, God is still in control. So wake up! He who is in control warns us in Psalm 9:17: “The wicked shall be turned into hell, And all the nations that forget God.”Churches of Christ simply MUST get our gospel message out to the people who live in those houses that line the streets and roads of our American cities and towns. I’m encouraged and optimistic! There’s the sound of an awakening! God’s people are equipped to win the battle over evil. Read 2 Corinthians 10:3-6.

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