Hand Clapping in Worship

 A number of years ago I was chastised for printing a bulletin article which opposed applause in worship.  As I believed then so I still believe; applause in worship is sinful.  The following article by an unknown author has a simple, short and scriptural answer about applause in worship.


Author Unknown

Applause in worship, simply put, is misguided praise. Applause praises the individual(s), while “Amen” (1 Cor. 14:16) praises the truth. Amen affirms truth or what is being done is according to truth. So consequently, amen is directed at the “what” and “how,” while applause is aimed at the “who.” This is why applause should not be allowed in worship. It is our duty to obey (preaching, singing, baptisms, etc.) and no one deserves any applause (praise) for it (Lk. 17:10). Furthermore, no one is worthy of praise in worship but God! “…the Father seeketh such to worship him,” not to “receive honour one of another” (Jn 4:24; 5:44). Be joyful, and “Amen” truth being obeyed!— Selected via The Watchman, Northwest Church of Christ, Lawton, Oklahoma

 This came from the Midtown church of Christ, Victoria, TX, website (http://www.midtowncoc.org/)

Ron Boatwright has a more extensive article entitled “Hand Clapping in Worship?”.

Leon Brashear

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