Keep Asking by Rick Laing

When the Lord told Abraham He was about to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah, Abraham asked the Lord if He would spare Sodom if there were 50 righteous people living there. The Lord said “No!” Then Abraham asked the same question of 45, 40, 30, 20 and finally 10. So Abraham made the same basic request 6 times (Gen. 23:33).

Now consider Lot, Abraham’s nephew living in Sodom. Two angels came to Sodom in the evening while Lot was sitting at the gate. Lot bowed and invited them to spend the night in his home. They refused, saying they would spend the night in the square. So Lot urged them strongly, and they entered his house, Gen. 19:1-3.

Jesus taught that we should ASK, SEEK and KNOCK (Matt. 7:7-11). This suggests that we need to be persistent. It implies that God does not mind, and in fact prefers to hear our insistent plea. Now this is not senseless repetition condemned by Jesus in Matthew 6:7-8, but rather the attitude of heart that tells the Lord we are serious about our request. Abraham humbly and methodically increased the ante. Lot was at first turned down by the angels, and then they went with him – subsequently saving him.

So if you are serious about something it is ok to keep putting that request before the throne of God.

Keep asking!

Via Midtown church of Christ

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