Why Some Sermons Fail

All sermons are not masterpieces. Even preachers admit it. Even a sermon that is a masterpiece to some will not be so recognized by others. Even the very best sermons fail to some extent. There are many reasons for such failures.

Some sermons fail because people give no heed. Paul was an inspired preacher. He was a “master pulpiteer,” but Eutychus went to sleep (Acts 20:9)!

Sermons fail because people ridicule that which is preached. In Athens, Paul preached the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and the Athenians mocked the sermon (17:32).

Sermons fail because people consider themselves to be unworthy of eternal life. In Antioch of Pisidia, the Jews were so envious of Paul and Barnabas that they contradicted the sermons that were preached (13:45).

Sermons fail because the hearer will not endure sound doctrine. They want to hear words and lessons that “tickle” the ears. They resent reproving and rebuking, and they reject the truth of sound doctrine (2 Tim. 4:2-3).

Sermons fail because false doctrines and fables already have been accepted, and the hearer has no room for the Truth (4:4).

Foster L. Ramsey


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