HUMOR IN A GOSPEL? By Monte Ginnings

There are two kinds of humor: intentional and unintentional. Professional comedians are often paid millions when they are successful in their purpose of making people laugh. Unintentional humor comes when we do not mean to be funny but say or do something that is. It may be that in Matthew 28:11-14 the writer is giving an example of both kinds of humor.

In that passage the Lord has been resurrected and the guards from the tomb, after giving their report, are bribed and told to say by Jewish leaders, “His disciples came at night and stole Him away while we slept.”

Think about that a moment. Is there unintentional humor there? If you’re asleep or not conscious, how in the world would you know what happened around you? That’s absurd. And does Matthew intend to make us smile as we read this foolish explanation of the empty tomb? He knew only the hand of God caused that resurrection scene.

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