A-ccept the fact that no one is perfect. B-ible study is absolutely essential. C-ount your many blessings. D-ig deeply for worthwhile causes. E-njoy the simple things in life. F-ight for that which is right. G-o to church services every opportunity. H-elp the needy. I-can’t do everything, but I can do something. J-ust a cup of cold water in His name will receive a reward. K-eep on keeping on even when others falter. L-ove your enemies! M-ost people don’t intend to go to hell. N-ext time turn the other cheek. O-pen your heart and let God’s love in. P-eople will not always be on your side. Q-uality of life is more important that quantity of life. R-eturn on occasions to the roots of your faith. S-elfishness has ruined many congregations. T-hankfulness is never untimely. U-nderstand your leaders’ problems. V-ictory is yours in Christ Jesus! W-orry is your worst enemy. X-ray your life and not the lives of others. Y-earn for Heaven. Z-est for living is no substitute for living in Christ.

Via Bulletin Gold

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