We have heard some great stories on TV shows where a person has weathered a storm, trauma or personal crisis and has made some radical change to their life. Statements like – “I will treat people differently in the future” – “I will live one day at a time to the max from now on” and other resolutions have been made. They have had a radical experience, and now they are committed to radical change — but it is not repentance. I have noticed that very few of these folks say — “I have repented of all sin and I am seeking the Lord!”

Change does not necessarily mean repentance, but repentance always demands change. John the Baptizer preached, “bear fruit in keeping with repentance” Matt. 3:8. Jesus taught the parable of the two sons in Matthew 21:28-32. One son at first refused to work, but then regretted it and did the work anyway. He repented and changed.

So if you know someone who has made some good changes in their life, but that someone has not obeyed the gospel: teach them more accurately (Acts 18:26) so they can realize God may like the change they have made, but it does not mean they have repented. That is what the Lord really wants, Acts 2:38.

From Midtown church of Christ

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