Do It Now, By Rick Laing

Have you ever walked by something in your home that needed attention like a leaky faucet, a pile of misplaced items or a job you have been putting off for months? Before you go one more step, I would encourage you to stop and commit to taking care of it right now. We get busy, and we let some things pile up until they overwhelm us, and then we have a real chore on our hands.

To help and encourage us to get things done, check out this list of items that were taken care of in the New Testament.

Matt. 4:20 “immediately they left their nets and followed Him.”

Matt. 4:22 “immediately they left the boat and their father and followed Him.”

Matt. 13:20 “hears His word and immediately receives it with joy.”

Matt. 25:16 “immediately, the one who had received the five talents went and traded them.”

Acts 9:20 “and immediately he (Paul) began to proclaim Jesus.”

Acts 16:10 “and immediately we sought to go to Macedonia…God had called us to preach.”

If we are slow and slack in physical matters, we are usually the same with spiritual matters, so here is a suggestion. Make up a list of things you need to do in the home and get busy now. That is good practice for making up a list of spiritual things you need to do now. I am making a list right now of things I need to do.

From Midtown church of Christ website

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