Eight Minutes, by Dalton Key

How would you like to read through the Bible this year? Impossible, you say? Keep reading.

The Bible consists of 1,189 chapters. An average year is made up of 365 days. 365 divided into 1,189 produces a figure of just a tad over three (3.2575342 to be exact). Roughly speaking, then, should you choose to read a little over three chapters of the Bible each day, every day, you will complete the entire Bible, from cover to cover, in the upcoming year.

Or to put it another way: The Bible contains 31,173 verses. Again, a year has 365 days. 365 into 31,173 gives us in the neighborhood of 85.5. Thus, your decision to read around eighty-five verses each day, every day, would take you through the Bible in a year’s time.

Does the task of reading the Bible over the course of the coming year still seem too daunting? Consider this. The average book of the Bible has eighteen chapters: the average chapter, twenty-six verses. How much time is required to read less than one-fifth of one book, just a little over three chapters made up of an average of just twenty-six verses each? If you are a fairly rapid reader, the entire book of Philippians can be read in eight minutes, and Philippians has not three chapters, but four!

Seriously now, how much time each day do you spend watching television, fiddling with the computer or reading the newspaper? Is a mere eight minutes a day too much to ask for the cultivation of your soul?


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