DOES HOW YOU DRESS PLEASE GOD? By Dave Rogers (part 1)

Your appearance really does matter! Of the five senses, only smell has a stronger impact on the mind than sight. What this means for the way you dress is that what you wear directly influences the thoughts of others — one person’s appearance can cause another person’s sin (2 Sam. 11:2, cf. Mt. 5:28), even unintentionally. Thus, we all need to be aware of our appearance. “Modesty” is not merely a matter of “what’s” covered, but also how it’s covered; we could dress immodestly without ever uncovering ourselves! In addition, “modesty” is not merely a matter of what’s covered, it is also a matter of attitude as well: Consider…
  •  Why do men unbutton extra buttons on their shirts?
  •  Why do young men allow their trousers to “sag” to the point that they have to walk bowlegged to keep them from dropping to their ankles?
  • Why do some women bare their navels, unbutton the sides of their skirts, or the tops of their blouses?

Perhaps someone will object to these examples, protesting that “you can’t actually ’see’ anything.” Yet the question remains, for Christians: Why even hint at immodesty, unless it is to produce ungodly thoughts in others’ minds? There is an important point we ought to emphasize here: Modesty is as much a man’s concern as it is a woman’s, especially in our overly sexualized modern society.

There is more than one way to dress immodestly (since “immodest” may be defined as that which calls undue attention to itself), but its most common form might be best described as “extremism in what is not covered.” The beautiful and erotic words of The Song of Songs/Song of Solomon show us the beauty of sexual desire in its proper context — marriage! With this exception, there is no other (normal) circumstance where revealing dress is proper. As Guy N. Woods used to point out, there are four extremes of undress to which Christians should not go: “Too short, too tight, too low-cut, and too sheer.” Clothing that fits in one or more of these categories normally has only one purpose; to expose what should not be exposed.


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