QUESTION: Does not John 10:27-29 teach that one cannot fall from grace?

ANSWER: It does not! The doctrine of “once saved, always saved” is as foreignto the Bible as salvation by “faith alone.” One is truly grasping at straws tosupport this false teaching by using this passage! Note that in order for the sheep (Christians) to receive “eternal life” and to “never perish” Christ requires two things that His sheep must “actively do.” Not simply two things they must believe, but, rather, two things they must “do!” First, the sheep must “hear” (which involves obedience). Secondly, the sheep must “follow” (which involves continuing obedience). Question No.1: Is the granting of eternal life by Christ to His sheep dependent upon their “hearing and following?” Question No.2: If “hearing and following” are prerequisites to gaining eternal life (and clearly they are), what happens to those who don’t “hear?” Question No.3: What happens to those who hear, but don’t “follow?” The answers are obvious! It is true that “no man” can pluck the sheep who hears and follows Christ out of His Father’s hand, but this passage does not even hint that a man cannot himself quit hearing and following Christ. This same disciple said in the fifteenth chapter of this Gospel account that a man must abide (keep His commandments / remain faithful) in Him (vss. 4, 5, 6, 7, 10). He also said that if one does “not” abide in Him (keep His commandments / remain faithful) he is “taken away” (vs.2); he is “cast forth” (vs.6); he is gathered with others who do not “abide” (vs.6); he is cast into the fire (vs.6); and he is burned (vs. 6). Certainly, it is not indicated that these were “plucked” out of the Father’s hand by some man or power (they weren’t), but it is clearly and irrefutably indicated that they “chose” not to “abide” (remain faithful) and, therefore, have been “taken away” and “cast forth” (fallen from grace); to one day “be cast into the fire and burned.” Neither this passage, nor any other teaches that one cannot fall from grace!

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