The difference between success and failure is often determined by the willingness to put forth that “little extra effort.” In many areas putting forth that “little extra effort” makes the difference between a good church and a really great church.

-That “little extra effort” gets us to Bible class as well as worship on the morning of the Lord’s Day.

-That “little extra effort” brings us back to the evening worship on the Lord’s Day.

-That “little extra effort” causes us to spend more time in private study of God’s Word.

-That “little extra effort” reminds us to frequently claim the privilege of prayer.

-That “little extra effort” helps us to be more sacrificial in our giving as measured by our prosperity instead of the attitude that says give as little as possible.

-That “little extra effort” keeps us at our home congregation except in cases of necessity.

-That “little extra effort” leads us into a compassionate concern for the lost and way-ward, and reminds us to speak to them about their spiritual condition.

-That “little extra effort” helps us engage wholeheartedly and attentively in all phases of worship.

-That “little extra effort” involves us in every activity of the work of the local church.

Of course, there is that “little extra” that we must avoid…even very small things which add to, take from, or in any way violate God’s Word (Revelation 21:18, 19). His Word alone will do its effective work when it is followed as God’s only revelation to man. It is the sole guide to our soul’s salvation (2 Timothy 3:16, 17).

Beloved, let us diligently apply ourselves to give that “little extra” and make the Lord’s church the really great church the Lord deserves.

“And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain” —Matthew 5:41

From – church of Christ, Smithville, TN website (



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