The Devil’s Bible

  • Foolishness 19:7: “I’ll try anything once.”
  • Popular 6:9: “Go ahead, everyone else is doing it.”
  • Cowardly 1:10: “The best thing to do when Christ and His church are criticized is to keep silent. Critics might get angry if you speak up.”
  • Indifference 3:4: “I’m tired after working all day and cannot attend church services.”
  • Deceit 8:15: “It makes no difference what one believes as long as he is sincere.”
  • Pride 31:3: “If I become a Christian, my friends will think I’ve become a religious fanatic. I don’t like to be laughed at.”
  • Foolishness 6:6: “One drink will do no harm.” 
  • Excuses 1:1: “I’m afraid to discuss the Bible with others. Anyway, they won’t listen.”
  • Apostasy 2:5: “What difference does it make whether we follow the New Testament or not?”
  • Heartache 7:2: “I’ve never cheated on my spouse before, but everybody does. No one will ever find out about this one time.”
  • Hypocrisy 6:5: “When we go home from college on weekends, we go to church so the home folk will think we are faithful at school.”
  • 2 Opinions 2:4: “One church is as good as another; therefore, attend the church of your choice.” —The Green Plain Proclaimer

“Lest Satan should get an advantage of us: for we are not ignorant of his devices.” –2 Corinthians 2:11

From House to House


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