J O H N   W.   M O O R E 

Many of our “modern” axioms are not modern. In fact, there are many cliches and “sayings” that originate from the Bible. The axiom, “Your life is an open book” is nothing more than a rephrasing of II Corinthians 3:2: “You are our epistle written in our hearts, known and read of all men.” Truly no axiom could be as thought-provoking in aiding each of us in self-examination.
Upon contemplation of this metaphorical way to view self, one must consider what is read by others, by oneself, and especially by God about our lives. For example:

  • Do others read of good things or evil?
  • Do others understand the purpose of your “book?”
  • Is your “book” a reflection of Christ?
  • Is Christ the Author of your “book?”
  • Would others view your book as fictitious, or real and genuine?
  • Is your “book” filled with lies, distortion, and slander, or with truth, honesty, and love?
  • What chapters of your “book” do you wish you could change or relive?
  • What will be said in the final chapter of your “book?”
  • Finally, is your story written in the Book of all books – the Book of Life? (Rev. 20:15)

Indeed, our life is like an open book, and often we are the only spiritual book this careless world will ever read. Thus, may we endeavor to write in our books the story and life of Jesus.

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