On a stormy October night, an elderly Christian woman, living alone and in a secluded area, fell outside her garage to the rocky ground of the Texas Hill Country, breaking the feeble and brittle bone in her hip. After struggling in vain to reach the ignition of her running automobile, she managed to pull her body along the ground and into the cold, damp garage located several yards on the downhill slope away from her house. With her bruised and bleeding arms she pulled together some empty feed sacks and an old shirt to cover her weakening body. The lightning from the raging thunderstorm had caused her electrical power to fail, leaving her in the darkness and solitude of the night. Her intermittent cries for help went unheard by human ears until morning, when she was finally discovered by a friend. All the while, however, she was not alone, and her cries were not unheard. She spent the night in prayer; in her pain she found comfort, and in her solitude she discovered strength.

Our Lord once suffered alone through the night as He prayed in agony that the cup of suffering about to befall Him might pass away. It was in the garden alone with God that He was strengthened for the awful misery that lay ahead (Luke 22:43). It was at the throne of God that saints of old allayed their fears and strengthened their resolve (Acts 4:31; 16:25). Through prayer we become strong and through prayer we find peace (Philippians 4:6-7). Truly, the eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and His ears are open unto their cry (Psalm 34:15).

J O H N   W.   M O O R E


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