[This article was published in 1949.  As the authors indicate it is written in condensed form.  It is well worth reading and studying today.  As you read the article please think about how it relates to our world today. – L.B.]

One great need of the world is a greater faith in the Bible as the word of God. The reason some are weak in faith is not a lack of evidence, but because men’ are ignorant of the evidence. Just a few reasons why the Bible is a divine Book will be offered here in a condensed form.

1. There Is But One Bible.

This fact in itself is significant. If the Bible is a human book, why have not more books of a similar character been produced? It is a great seller. More Bibles are sold than any other book in the world. It is published in more languages than any other book in the world.

2. The Bible Has Withstood Tremendous Opposition.

One who was a statistician of Bible things compiled a list of more than one thousand books that have been written in opposition to the Bible. Could any other book survive so much destructive criticism? Men are still writing books against the Bible, but they will go the way of others. If men wish to prove that the Bible is a human book, the best way would be to produce one like it rather than write so many against it. One book produced by man just like the Bible would be stronger proof of its human origin than a thousand written against it. If it is human, it should be easy to produce another like it.

3. The Bible Is Out of Harmony With Human Nature.

This is another reason why we believe the Bible is a divine book. We do not see splendid crops growing in the burning desert sands. It is not the nature of such soil and climate to produce crops. But it is just as reasonable to expect this as to suspect the Bible had its origin in human nature. The Bible is diametrically opposed to most things men naturally wish to do. The Bible requires a man to love his enemies. This is hard to do. It teaches him to return good for evil. Man does not naturally want to do this. It teaches him to deny self, and to bear the cross of persecution and difficulty for righteousness sake. Things partake of the nature of that from which they come. Man would not write a book condemning the things he wants to do, and requiring him to do things he does not want to do. For this reason, it is apparent that the Bible did not originate with man.

4. Man Has a Righteous Nature.

Man’s religious nature is as real as his intellectual nature. Man’s religious nature, directed by the Bible, leads him to the loftiest heights of life. In the absence of the Bible, this religious nature leads man to extreme crudities, and even to abominable customs. Man will worship in some way; if not according to the Bible, then in a disgusting, heathenish way. It is impossible to extinguish or coerce the religious nature man.  We therefore believe the Bible was written as a divine guide through life

5. The Remarkable Unity of the Bible.

The Bible was written by approximately forty men, and their writings were done in a period of about sixteen hundred years. They were surrounded by different cultures, and spoke different languages. Compile the writings of forty other men, who lived at different intervals in a period of sixteen hundred years, and what kind of a book would it be? Its most striking characteristic would be lack of unity. There is unity in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, which is evidence that a superhuman influence guided the men who wrote it.

6. The Effects of the Bible Confirm Its Divinity.

It inspires men to a better life. There is no other book that produces the peculiar effect of the Bible. It is the only book in the world that works reformation in the lives of men.

7. The Enduring Life of the Bible,

How could a human book live and hold the interest of the people so long? It is the only book that has a firm grasp on the lives of men. The more people read the Bible, the more interesting it becomes. This is not true of any other book. These things are so unusual that the Bible must be God’s word.

(emph. Added, L.B.)

New Bible Studies, Showalter and Davis, Firm Foundation Publ. House, Austin,, TX 1949

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