Our report this month is taken from the active life of our beloved Rue Porter. In March of 1954 while Uncle Rue was traveling in his work he came upon a Roman Catholic Bishop in a rail-road depot and visited with him for about twenty minutes. The Bishop told Rue of his work and when brother Porter told him that he was a preacher too, the Bishop asked, “But where are your clergyman’s clothes?”

Rue said that he was one of those men who opens his Bible and asks people to believe what it says and that he did not rely on garb to distinguish him from other men of like faith. The Bishop cupped his hands over his mouth, and coming near to Rue, half whispered, “I wish I could do that. We are all under orders. We are told what to say, and we say it. We are told where to go, and we go there. We are told how long we may stay, and when to move, and we do it. I wish I were as free to preach what I find in the Bible as you.” Rue then told the man, “A man of your knowledge should have the courage to preach what he knows to be true in spite of orders from Rome or anywhere else other than Christ.” Again the Bishop said, “I wish I could do that, but my hands are tied.”

Rue Porter’s hands were never tied. From the very first he had been free to preach the Gospel of Christ. Yes, he was free! Free in Christ to preach the gospel of Christ to as many as possible in one’s lifetime. I, for one, am happy that he was free and that he was committed to the Lord enough to traverse these United States in the preaching of the Gospel of Christ. -Don Deftenbaugh

“Preaching the kingdom of God, and teaching those things which concern the Lord Jesus Christ, with all confidence, no man forbidding him” —Acts 28:31

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