Sometimes when I am all alone

I wish for days gone by

To have again the years I’ve known

But with a wistful sigh;

I realize the stream of time

Can never backward flow

But must each day with measured chime

Unto the future go.


And as I’m borne along the stream

Although my heart may yearn

To see the past, ‘tis but a dream

I cannot there return;

This onward flowing tide is bent

To that eternal sea

Where waits that glorious event

Appointed once to me.


Through joyous tears I realize

My yesterdays are gone

And to the future’s golden skies

I must keep pressing on;

To where bright living waters spill

From Heaven’s throne for aye

And there’s no yesterdays but ‘twill

Forever be today.


I feel contented then at last

To let the present be

And hold my long and happy past

In hands of memory;

And cast my visionary sight

O’er Jordan’s ebon foam

To see by faith that holy light

From my tomorrow’s home.




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