And Then What?

 A young man and an old man talked one day.

Said the boy, “I think I’ll go away

From Dad’s old house . . . don’t know just


The old man listened and asked, “What then?”

“I guess I’ll have some fun in town

The first few years . . . then settle down

And get a job and earn a lot.”

The old man smiled and asked, “Then what?”

“Why then I’ll meet the girl of my dreams,

Whose folks have money; and then it seems

I’ll buy a fine home with everything new.”

The old man queried, “Then what will you do?”

“I guess I’ll invest in bonds and stocks;

That’s where they say opportunity knocks.

Maybe by that time I’ll be governor.”

And the old man asked, “And then, what more?”

“I guess I’ll retire if I please,

And travel and live a life of ease.”

The old man thought as he scratched his head;

“Then what will you do, my son?” he said.

For a moment the young man made no reply.

Then he answered slowly, “I guess I’ll die.”

A deep silence followed as both of them thought.

Then the old man asked softly, “My boy, then what?”

—Bulletin Digest

(Copied from The Southwesterner, October 2013)

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