Some Thoughts on Prayer, By Mike Riley

Many people that call themselves Christians, neglect the most powerful single force in the world — the power of prayer. In doing so, they make a double mistake. First, they deprive themselves of the spiritual enrichment that comes by praying, and secondly, they provide a poor example to their children.

Let’s ask ourselves the following questions regarding prayer:

Whose prayer will God not hear?

Whose prayer will God hear?

How should we pray?

As Christians, we must believe in the power of prayer, if we want to be productive citizens in God’s kingdom. We must be willing to set the proper example before our family and friends with regard to our prayer life. We must make prayer integral part of our life every day of our life. We must ask for the help and strength to be more like our Savior in every aspect of our life (Gal. 2:20-NKJV). We must be willing, not only to pray, but do our part in helping God answer our prayers. God will do His part, if we will do our part.

Let’s make prayer and integral part of our lives — not merely an emergency backup plan when we get into trouble. God wants His children to communicate with Him on a daily basis — prayer being that avenue of communication.


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