Flourishing Immorality

Here is an excellent article written some 10 years ago on the moral crisis in America.  It is well worth reading.


Flourishing Immorality by Garland Elkins


In our time, all sorts of immorality flourish without rebuke. In multiplied ways, there are opportunities for doing evil with the endorsement of much of society. We are paying (and shall pay more in the future) a heavy penalty for our sins (Prov. 14:34; Hosea 8:7). On the whole, our material and intellectual advance has, by far, outrun our moral and spiritual progress; at present our chief need is to catch up spiritually. This is true of individuals, the home, the church, and the nation. Even though great gains have been won in the past, yet moral progress wavers, and not all that is won is retained. No sooner do we overcome one sin than Satan seeks insidiously to begin another, and that formed unnoticed by us. We must therefore ever be alert to Satan’s tactics (II Cor. 2:11).

Some evil men and women make their living by tempting others to sin. The allurements which they set before the young constitute one of the greatest dangers to the existence of both the home, the church, and society. Such people are leading to a serious spiritual and moral degeneration, and they doubtless are among the worst sinners of our time. They follow in the very acts which have caused the downfall of both individuals and entire civilizations (Jude 7; Rom. 1:18-32). They cause millions to sin through gambling, brothels, drugs, vile pictures (“peep shows”), evil movies, salacious reading matter, dance halls, and liquor stores and cocktail bars.

All the way from Washington down to local communities, there are those who not only make it easy to sin, but actually encourage and urge the committing of sin. Through his avenues, Satan is deliberately undermining the spiritual and moral welfare of the home, the church and society. All of our spiritual and moral progress has been purchased at a heavy cost. One of the greatest problems we have is how to exterminate the sins which live at the expense of the moral and spiritual deterioration and utter ruin of their victims. Surely, all sensible people must realize that there are forces at work in our society, which, if left unchecked, will destroy multitudes of souls in hell. If you really are concerned about such dives, then do everything that is right and proper to help us to eliminate such moral and spiritual cancer from our midst that we may enjoy a respectable community and nation (Prov. 14:34).

Garland Elkins

Yokefellow, March 2004

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