Why Didn’t Philip Bestow Spiritual Gifts?, Bill Jackson

The evangelist Philip went to preach in Samaria, and proclaimed the Word of God in a powerful way, even to converting Simon the sorcerer. Philip possessed miracle-working abilities, as seen in Acts 8:6, 7, 13, and we then know that an apostle had laid hands on Philip to give him such a gift. Some men have denied this, as they hold that such powers are for our time, and that one with any of this power could pass it on to others. Acts 19:6 and 2 Timothy 1:6 stand in verification of the point that an apostle had to lay hands on one to bestow spiritual gifts. We find further verification here in Acts 8, as we note Philip possessing such powers, but now, when God wants some of the Samaritan Christians to be given these benefits, what is done? The apostles send of their number Peter and John, and they laid their hands on them, that they might receive the Holy Spirit (vv. 14-18). It took an apostle’s hands!!!


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