Symbolism in a Clean Office

Cleaning my office was quite a chore. But, oh, did it make a difference. Our secretary walked in and said, “Look at this! It looks so clean and organized!” My wife complemented the new look as well. A few others have popped in and made remarks about how it looks so much cleaner. It made me feel great.

Thinking like a preacher and trying to find symbolism in all that goes on around me, I was struck with a few thoughts. Wouldn’t it be nice if we all took a little time to reflect on our lives and looked for things that need order and “cleaning?”

Suggested Chores:

1. Who are those I need to forgive? Do I need to talk with them and apologize and make things right?

2. Have I been too busy for God? Is my schedule such that I rarely spend intense prayer time with the Father? Am I listening to His voice through the Word?

3. What sins am I continually struggling with? Do I need to have a goodbye ceremony for them?

4. How am I treating my family? Am I even giving them the amount of time that should be invested in this area?

5. What is my attitude like? Am I negative and full of criticism toward others or am l striving to behave like Christ?

A little housecleaning makes things a little better. A little spiritual cleansing makes things a little better as well. Let’s “straighten things up” beginning right now!

Dyron Daughrity via Hooker church of Christ Hooker, OK via

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