Why Don’t I Read My Bible? — Bill Jackson

Some time back, we began the procedure that once was a “standard” thing in most congregations: counting the number of daily Bible readers. It is one of the matters fixed firmly in my mind from childhood, as then a good brother, after the classes, would give announcement regarding the attendance and the number of daily Bible readers. More than anything else, I was impressed with the fact that spiritual men thought the matter most important, and the best people I knew – members of the body – were participating in the daily reading.

As we take that count, it is still alarming to see the number of saints who do not read the Word daily. They do not read that which is given to the sustaining and nourishing of their souls! (1 Peter 2:2; Matthew 4:4). And, we wonder why? It certainly is not due to illness and/or bereavement, for many certainly turn to the Bible during those times. It is not that too much work has been done in other spiritual matters, is it? Let’s face it, folks. I do not read my Bible because I value the world, its things, its connections, its activities, etc. as being more important! For shame!


THE SOUTHWESTERNER, December 2, 1990

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