Rules for Happy Living, By Paul Sain

Do you desire a “Happy Life”? Follow these rules and you will enjoy happiness that cannot be found in things of this world.

1. Count your blessings, not your troubles.

Though we have problems in this life, we are still richly blessed. The plaque on the wall stated, “I grumbled and complained because I had no shoes, until I saw a man who had no feet.”

2. Live one day at a time. Regardless of what Satan may throw at you, it can be handled “one day at a time” (Jam. 4:13-15). You can control and conquer if you will take on the obstacles a day at a time.

3. Learn to say, “I love you” to those near and dear. Break the shackles and learned restraints and express your love and appreciation to as many as possible each day (Mark. 14:3-6).

4. Be a giver, not a getter. Often if you fail to get out of life what you want, it is because you are expecting to get instead of give (Luke 6:38).

5. Seek good in everyone and everything. Be a good seeker. Try hard not to be a “fault finder.” When faults are present, deal with them lovingly.

6. Pray every day. Always take time to express to God your appreciation for blessings and ask Him for guidance (Luke 18:1).

7. Do a good deed each day. The “grandest intention” is not as good as the “smallest deed.” Follow the Lord’s example (Acts 10:38).

8. Watch your priorities. Keep the important things in first place (Mat. 6:33).

9. Fill your life with good. Throw away the trash from your life and replace it with good thoughts and deeds (Phi. 4:8).

10. Laugh and cry. Laughter is good medicine. A good sense of humor overcomes many “ills and problems” of life.

11. Learn to practice the happiness habit. Smile, and the world will smile with you (Phi. 4:4). Make up your mind to “be happy.”

12. Let go and let God control your life. To find peace and happiness, you must let God completely reign on the throne in your life. You must totally follow His will. It is for your good.

Bellview Beacon, Vol. 31 #17

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