A Truly Healthy Diet Plan — By Gerald Cowan

This is about the time of the year when it becomes apparent that the diet plan you included in your New Year’s Resolutions is working – or is not working, again. You went through this last year too, didn’t you?

For a healthy diet there are things you must avoid. They are not good for you.

• Do not eat humble pie. This is usually nothing but self-pity, a put-on that adds to your other problems.

• Do not eat crow. This is deserved shame and embarrassment.

• Do not eat your heart out. Envy will always leave you unsatisfied and wanting more.

• Do not swallow your pride. It will damage your digestion.

For a healthy diet there are some things you must always include.

• Be sure you hunger and thirst for righteousness (Mt. 5:7). You will never take in anything that will harm you, or others.

• Go on a strict bread and water diet. The bread of life (Jesus and every word that comes from the mouth of God; John 6:35, Mt. 4:4). The water of life (the Spirit that Christ gives to those who believe and obey him; John 7:37-39, Rev. 22:17).

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