The Most Important Days of Your Life

No, it isn’t the day you were born, married, your children were born, or even the day you lost someone of great importance to you. Not to minimize the significance of those days, but these three days are the same for everyone, and in many respects much more important.

The first day is yesterday (and you can now guess the other two). The best thing you can do with yesterday is forget it. Too many people’s lives are dictated by their past. They cannot move forward in life because something from their yesterday drags them down. Paul the apostle had a past. He also was a man who made radical changes in his life and accomplished great things for God. A key to this great man’s success was his “forgetting what lies behind” (Phil. 3:13).

The second day is tomorrow. The best thing you can do with tomorrow is to forget it. The simple fact is, we do not know what will happen tomorrow (Jas. 4: 14). It holds no guarantees for good or ill. Jesus warned about worrying for tomorrow (Matt. 6:34). That’s not to endorse the “living for today” philosophy that makes no plans or preparations or thinks about consequences of present actions. But like fretting over the past, worrying about tomorrow can destroy the final, and most important day.

The third day is today. The writer of Psalms is right, God has made today, consequently we ought to rejoice and be glad (Psa. 118:24). Today is the day that holds the blessing and opportunities God has given. Today is the day that we can do and live and serve. Today is the day of salvation (2 Cor. 6:2). Today is the day of which we can make the most, do our best and bring glory to God.

Your life is either made or ruined by what you do with the three most important days in it.

David Deffenbaugh via Northwest Church of Christ Lawton, OK via


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