God Made Life Interesting

Isaiah 40:28; Psalm 104:24; Ephesians 3:10; Genesis 1:11-12; Genesis 1:21-25

Beans grow up a pole from left to right, while the morning glory grows up a pole from right to left. Seeds may be dropped into the ground upside down or sideways, and yet the plants come up to the surface. One grain of corn will produce a stalk on which there may be two ears, with perhaps 742 grains on each ear. A light crop of wheat will produce approximately thirty grains on each stalk, a good crop of wheat will produce approximately sixty grains on each stalk. There will always be an even number of grains.

The ordinary watermelon will have ten stripes on it. Larger ones may have twelve to sixteen stripes, but always an even number.

Water will travel from the roots of a tree to the top-most leaf of a tree 265 feet high and no one understands how.

Every form of life in the vegetable and animal kingdom has a predetermined set of characteristics, a master plan perfect in every detail…God’s plan. The dandelion will grow above its surroundings whether the grass be two inches, ten inches or twenty inches, for it must get up into the sunlight.

The potato bug hatches in fourteen days, the hen in twenty-one days, the duck get in twenty-eight days, the eagle egg in thirty-five days, the parrot egg in forth-two days and the snake egg in forty-nine days. Notice that each one hatches in a multiple of seven days.

God has a perfect plan for my life and yours which supplies all our needs…HIS WORD (2 Peter 1:3)…and by His grace we receive strength to rise above all our circumstances(Romans 8:31).

How wonderful to witness His majesty in the changing seasons!

“And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good” —Genesis 1:31

House To House Vol. 7 #5

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