On Being Like Jesus

*We want to be like Him as He walks on the water, but don’t want to walk the dirty floor of a poor man’s hovel.

*We would raise the dead, but will not hold the hand of the sick.

*We would turn water into wine, but will not turn our money into food, clothing, and shelter for the needy.

*We would still a storm on Galilee, but will not calm the troubled heart of a neighbor.

*We would restore the deaf man’s hearing, but will not share with him what he needs most to hear.

*We want to be like Jesus but prefer to walk with Him in triumph over palm branches, not under the weight of the cross.

*We want the crown, but not the cross.

*We would like a scepter, but not a shepherd’s staff.

*We prefer the royal garment to the service towel.

*We want to be like Jesus as King, but not as servant.


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