Enjoy the Extras

There is a story about an old rancher who had been “taken to the cleaners” by a local car salesman. One day the car dealer called the rancher and said he was coming out the next day to buy a cow from him. The rancher placed the following information on the cow:

Basic cow$2,000

Two-tone exterior150

Extra stomach200

Product storing comp.75

Straw chopper150

Four spigots @ $50 each200

Cowhide upholstery400

Dual horns50

Automatic fly-swatter75

Fertilizer attachment250


 Those little “extras” sure do add up. But, you know, God gives us lots of extras … air to breathe, trees, grass, flowers, sun and moon, lakes, streams,’ friends, family, spiritual blessings, etc. Aren’t you glad that He doesn’t charge for the “extras”? ENJOY the “extras” and have a good day!


For His Cause,

Tim Woodward

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