The Safest Place

Have you heard the news? If you want to greatly increase your chance for a long life, you will be interested in the following statistics:

  1. Do not ride in an automobile or get in the way of one. They cause 20 percent of all fatal accidents.
  2. Do not stay at home. Seventeen percent of all accidents happen in the home.

3. Do not walk around on the street. Fourteen percent of all accidents happen to pedestrians

4. Do not travel by air, rail, or water. Six percent of all accidents are the result of this type of traveling

5. Only .0001 percent of all deaths occur at worship, and these are related to previous physical disorders, such as heart attacks.

So, obviously, the safest place in this world is at worship! Be on the safe side; be at church services every Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday evening. It might save your life, to say nothing about your soul!—Author Unknown

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