God Blessed America! — By Steve Higginbotham

This past week, I couldn’t help but take notice that during the Major League All-Star Game, a stadium full of people sang, “God, Bless America.”  While so many were singing, “God, Bless America,” I was thinking to myself,  “God blessed America!”

When’s the last time we stopped to consider how many ways God has already blessed America? When’s the last time we paused long enough to give him thanks? We frequently ask God to “Bless America,” but we infrequently give him thanks because he has “Blessed America.”

As a matter of fact, when I think of the request, “God, Bless America,” I must wonder why he would want to do so?  I find it rather nervy of our nation to ask God to bless us when we have removed the Bible from public education; when we have removed prayer from public forums; when we are attempting to remove any references to the cross, the ten commandments, and Christianity from public and federal property; when we have ignored God’s command not to murder, and we have granted mothers the right to murder their own children; and when we have ignored God’s definition of marriage and created our own.  And the list can go on and on.

In light of this, why would God bless America today? In my judgment, if we are going to muster the nerve to ask God to bless us, it’s time to give him thanks for all the ways in which he has blessed us in the past.  It’s time to allow God to freely move without restraint within this nation that he has made so great.  It’s time we recognize his place as God and obey his laws.   And it’s time for God’s people to make intercession on behalf of those within our nation who do not know him. That would be a much needed start if we truly want God to bless America as he has blessed America in the past.

Via Bulletin Gold

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