Tears for Cecil and Cecilia

This past week there was outrage over the death of a lion named Cecil. I am troubled by these events on several levels. First, let me say that I am not informed concerning the circumstances of that hunt. Some questions needing answers might be these. Did the guides tell the hunter this was a legal hunt? Were all the proper fees paid? These questions do not really trouble me however.

What really troubles me is the outrage around the world and especially in the U.S. Thousands of people seem to be deeply troubled and even filled with rage about this incident. There are some who have even threatened the life of the hunter. He has gone into hiding out of fear for his life. Cecil the lion was still a lion who lived in the wild and in an environment of kill or be killed. Cecil and his fellow lions killed other animals for their food. Cecil fought for dominance in his pride. It is not expected that another adult lion will kill Cecil’s male offspring to establish his dominance in the pride. Violence and death was part of Cecil’s world.

Another thing that troubles me is the absence of outrage for the lives of millions of babies killed each year for the convenience of an uncaring mother. I am troubled that doctors who have dedicated themselves (at least presumably so) to saving lives, take the lives of innocent and defenseless infants. Where are the tears for little Cecil or Cecilia being torn apart in the mother’s womb? Where is the outrage against those who do not value human life? Where is the TV personality who pleads for audience members to donate to protection funds for Cecil and Cecilia.

Our world has such misplaced values. Satan must be very amused.

Gerald Elliott

Winnsboro, TX

July 30, 2015


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