A MECHANIC WENT to hear a visiting evangelist in a little town…

The preacher preached that night on money, and presented the sermon under three points. First point: “Make all you can.” The mechanic nudged his wife and said, “That man is the best I’ve ever heard. He is no nitwit. He knows what it’s all about. He is one smart man.”

Second point: “Save all you can.” This excited the mechanic and he whispered again, “This beats anything I’ve ever heard. He’s smart enough to be President. This town has never had a preacher that could hold a candle to him.” The preacher commended hard work and thrift, denouncing laziness and waste. The mechanic couldn’t keep quiet. He whispered, “I’ve believed this all my life.” Third point: “Give all you can.” “Oh my,” exclaimed the mechanic, “now he’s gone crazy. He has quit preaching and gone to meddling.”

THOUGHT: Isn’t it strange that some people’s conception of great preaching is a sermon that compliments them and rebukes others? Remember — your preacher didn’t write the Bible. He is not responsible for any word in it, but he is definitely responsible for preaching every word in it. And when it is preached, people judge themselves by their reaction to it.


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