The Seed of the Kingdom

The seed of the kingdom will produce the kingdom; it will not produce anything different from the kingdom…

It has never been known to produce anything other than the kingdom of God, the church of the Lord. The Word of God preached in this community always produced exactly what is produced in another community when preached there. But we have several hundred different religious denominations in the world today, differing from each other in name, doctrine and practice.

Why are all of these different bodies in existence? They have been produced by the sowing of seed, the preaching of religious doctrines. Just as surely as there are bodies differing from each other, seeds differing from each other have been sown. If the same kind of seed had been sown in every community, the same results would have been produced… So the gospel preached in Jerusalem which produced the kingdom of God, the church of Christ, will not when preached in America produce a hundred different denominations. The fact that the many denominations are in existence is positive proof that something different from the Gospel, the Word of God, has been preached

By: Roy H. Lanier, Sr.

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