There’s No Place Like Home – by Steve Higginbotham

Someone has said that there is no place like home – especially if you don’t have the money to go out. Well now, that’s a rather cynical view of the home, isn’t it. However, in far too many instances, homes are something people are trying to escape. What God originally gave to us for our own good, we have managed to pervert so that instead of a blessing, the home has become a drudgery.

What is the key to rekindling the love that ought to exist in your marriage? What do you do when you find you and your spouse going opposite directions and growing apart?

The answer, Grow closer to God. Really, it’s that simple. Think of marriage as a triangle: God at the top and husband and wife at the bottom corners. In some marriages, the two bottom corners are growing farther and farther apart. However, if each spouse would simply focus on uniting with God, they will also consequently find themselves reunited with each other.

As cliché as it may sound, Jesus really is the answer.

Copyright © 2004, South Green Street Church of Christ, Glasgow, Kentucky. Permission is granted to copy these articles


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