“Busy Here and There” by Bill Jackson

A study of 1 Kings will lead one to examine the wickedness of Ahab, and also to see the real power behind him, that wicked and idolatrous Jezebel. These two had a real, powerful and spiritual adversary in God’s servant, Elijah. There were other men of the prophets whom God used in bringing Ahab to the end his behavior demanded.

In a second period of conflict with the Syrians, God had promised to deliver them into the hands of Israel. God’s people were greatly victorious, and the Syrian king then made a plea for the sparing of his life, and Ahab, calling him a “brother,” spared him. God’s words of rebuke were brought to Ahab in the form of a story wherein a man charged with keeping a prisoner safe, allowed him to escape. Ahab responded to the story in the enforcing of the penalty upon the guard; whereupon, the point turned against Ahab, who had the Syrian king in his grasp and let him live. Of importance to us just here is the point, in the story, that the man on guard allowed his prisoner to escape because “I was busy here and there” (1 Kings 20:40).

“I was busy here and there” has other forms: “This and that” “taking care of things” “seeing to business” “getting straightened out”, etc. It all boils down to failing to put the things of God first in our lives (Matthew 6:33). Those who do visitation and personal work every often will hear this given as a reason for non-attendance, non-participation: “Well, we’ve been so busy, we’re going to do better as soon as we get straightened out.” BUSY HERE AND THERE, AND LETTING THE THINGS OF GOD BE IGNORED.

It so happens that our times are such that anyone can “be busy here and there” and with “this and that,” and never find time for God’s things! Time is there on the calendar and on the clock, but it is MADE for God! I’ll have time for no spiritual thing unless I MAKE IT! Let’s plan to not lose our souls because we were “busy here and there!”


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