The plea to return to the Bible – to speak where the Bible speaks and to be silent where the Bible is silent – is a worthy, legitimate, and meritorious goal.

The effort to restore the New Testament church, to practice those things which our Lord authorized, and to reject those things that are without scriptural support, is Christ-honoring and Bible-respecting.

Those are the principles that our brethren proclaimed from the earliest days of the restoration plea. These are the precepts that motivated sincere individuals to abandon their denominational names and creeds and to become New Testament Christians. We must continually reemphasize these same truths to every succeeding generation.

No one expressed this truth better than P.G. Allen when he said, “While we remain true to the principles on which we started out, there is no earthly power that can impede our progress. But the day we leave these walls and go out to take counsel of the world, will mark the day of our decline. We have nothing to fear from without. Our only danger lies in the direction of indifference and compromise. While we are true to God in the maintenance of these principles, the divine blessing will be upon our work. But should they ever be surrendered, ruin will as certainly follow as that the Bible is true.”

Let us hold Fast the faithful Word!


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