Plan, by Leroy Brownlow

LES PARROTT WAS on an airplane flying into a busy airport during a storm…

Just as the plane was about to touch down, the pilot made a split-second decision to lift back up. What the passengers didn’t know at the time was that another plane was coming in on that same runway from the opposite direction! The pilot pulled the plane up, circled the airport, and made a safe landing. As Les was walking out of the plane, he and the other passengers could see what had nearly happened. Les said to the pilot, “Boy, did you make a good decision! How did you make it so fast? “The pilot said, “Oh, I made that decision fifteen years ago.” In other words, the pilot was saying, I planned for this moment of crisis long ago. I know what I am going to do in that type of situation before I ever get there.”

THOUGHT: In the same way, you can plan in advance what you are going to do when the pressures of sin catch you by surprise, and I strongly suggest that you write out what you want to happen, and to plan in advance how you intend to deal with these situations. Like that pilot who had to make a split second decision in the heat of the moment, make your decision ahead of time.

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